Which is the best automotive diagnostic tool ?

Are you facing the "diagnostic dilemma" ? You are not sure which tool to buy ? We can help you. Our approach is quite simple. We offer you an array of diagnostic tools geared to the environment in which you work i.e. the makes of vehicles that predominate in your business.

Is an aftermarket diagnostic tool that offers dealer level performance out there ?

Who hasn’t heard the claim: Our tool offers manufacturer diagnostic capabilities. How true is that ?

Well, there is no aftermarket diagnostic tool that performs the same way as a "Dealer" tool does. Never was and never will be! Stating otherwise is a stretched statement. The automobile manufacturers spend millions to develop very specific diagnostic tools and they protect their investment fiercely. In today’s world where the Internet has become an open market for counterfeit products, anyone can buy "cloned" products that imitate the OEM diagnostic tools. These low cost, cheap made products already have limitations and in many cases are source of serious problems created on the vehicle’s electronic network. We strongly suggest you to look for a tool that comes from a known name/source and does what claims to do. We at OBD Monitor are committed to offer you products that carry the stamp of quality, genuinity, expertise and guaranty that comes as a standard feature when dealing with serious players in the automotive aftermarket diagnostic industry.

At OBD Monitor you will find an open and reliable source of your diagnostic needs. We test the performance of the devices we sell in daily basis and know the product from inside out. Furthermore, the diagnostic tools and equipment we sell come from leaders of the automotive diagnostic sectors that stay behind their products.