The first step of performing proper diagnostics is providing a steady voltage to the electrical system of the vehicle. The GYSFlash 121.12 CNT FV supplies clean and stable power needed for maintaining the battery state-of-charge during flash/programming and complex maintenance/service procedures on modern automobiles. Also, the device can be used to recharge almost any type of batteries found on today's vehicles being these motorcycles, passenger cars, trucks, heavy duty trucks, etc. 

1300.00 CAD

GYSFlash 121.12 CNT FV

Battery voltage maintainer for diagnostics and programming procedures.

Applications: Automotive, Heavy-duty Trucks, Agricultural & Construction machinery, Powersports, etc. 

The GYSFlash 121.12 CNT FV is a professional multi-functional charger designed to support and maintain a steady voltage during the diagnostics or programming  procedures. It also, guarantees an ideal quality of re-charge for almost all types of batteries installed on modern automobiles, including lithium batteries. This charger can be fitted with cables up to 8 m long. The software of the GYSFlash 121.12 CNT FV includes different modes to choose from:

  • Charging mode. The device is capable of charging charging lead-acid, sealed, liquid, AGM or lithium batteries.

  • Diagnostic and Programming mode. The device provides a steady voltage required during diagnostic and programming procedures.

  • Power and showroom mode: Maintains the charge of the battery and supplies the energy required during vehicle demonstration situations.

  • Tester mode. This function checks the state of the battery and tests the vehicle starting system and alternator.

  • Auto-Detect function. The GYSFlash is equipped with the "Auto-Detect" function which automatically starts a charge when a battery is connected to the charger. The "Auto-Restart" function offers the possibility of automatically restarting the charger in the event of a power failure.

  • Lock function. It is possible to "Lock" the buttons of the GYSFlash when it is used in a place open to the public or unattended.


The GYSFlash is SMART! The features mentioned above can be extended by adding specific charging modes and profiles using the USB port and custom settings. The GYSFlash also offers the possibility to record the charging data on USB memory stick. This data can be used for detailed analysis. Additional modules such as printer, bar-code reader etc, can also be connected to the charger via its dedicated module socket. For detailed info visit the manufacturer website HERE.

Special offer: 1300.00 CAD (Exc. Tax)

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The National Heavy Equipment Show 2019 was a very good event that gave us the opportunity to present and introduce the line of the diagnostic tools we offer. A big thank you to all visitors that spent time at our booth. See you next time.

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