News: TEXA OHW SW update. Version V19. For more info click HERE.


New product

GYSFLASH 121.12 CNT FV is a professional, high quality battery charger and voltage maintainer manufactured by GYS France, a well known name in the industry. For detailed info click HERE.

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We, at OBD Monitor, have been involved with diagnostic tools & service equipment for many years. We try hard to provide the best product, service and price possible. More info HERE.

TEXA Supercar diagnostics

Note: Special offer for this product.

The strength of the TEXA software is the coverage of several supercars and European automobiles. 


6630.00 CAD

Toughbook & Navigator TXTs

Note: Harsh environment ? No problem.

Panasonic Toughbook & TEXA Navigator TXTs

Truck diagnostic tool package is a combination of two outstanding devices. 


Price on request

Axone Nemo & Navigator TXTs

Note: The flagship of truck diagnostics.

Axone Nemo equipped with Premium SW and paired with the Navigator TXTs is an excellent choice for the truck service specialist.


9834.50 CAD

TEXA motorcycle diagnostics

Note: Quality & satisfaction guarantied. 

TEXA Navigator TXBe is the best powersports diagnostic tool in the market. Affordable price and technical performance in one package.


*2405.00 CAD

TEXA Truck diagnostics

Note: This tool comes in different set-ups.

TEXA diagnostic coverage of light, medium and heavy duty trucks is extensive, unique and well organised.


*5551.00 CAD

TEXA Marine diagnostics

Note: Inboard & outboard engines coverage.

TEXA marine engines diagnostic software covers gasoline and diesel engines. It offers advanced features & functions. 


*2405.00 CAD

GYSflash 121.12 CNT battery charger and voltage maintainer for flash programming procedures.

Special: 1300.00 CAD

The proper diagnostic procedures start with the right battery support device ... More info HERE

Training seminar with young technicians

European automobile service specialist corner.


Audi / VW tech info; click HERE

BMW tech info; click HERE

Jaguar tech info; click HERE

Land Rover tech info; click HERE

Mercedes Benz tech info; click HERE

Porsche tech info; click HERE

Volkswagen tech info: click HERE

Volvo tech info; click HERE


For links to several Supercars websites click HERE

OBD Monitor attends shows and similar events all around North America. At our booth you will see on display the latest diagnostic devices and have the chance to meet and discuss with the manufacturers' representatives. We want to thank all people that visited our booth at Truck World Show Toronto 2018 and showed interest on our products and services.

TEXA Axone Nemo - Buid to perform and last

The new TEXA display unit has arrived. The Axone Nemo is a further development of the well-known Axone 4 and sets the new standards on the automotive diagnostics field. It is rugged and robust. Fast and good looking. Build to withstands the harsh working conditions. Furthermore, it incorporates advanced technology and provides room for future software or hardware expansion. 

TEXA Navigator TXTs is the most advanced Vehicle Communication Interface that TEXA manufactures. It is probably the only interface that is capable to handle, more or less, every diagnostic protocol available up to date. Paired with the respective TEXA SW, the Navigator TXTs is able to work on automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, agri and construction machinery, marine engines etc.  

TEXA diagnostic coverage for Supercars

TEXA IDC5 - Plus Car offers a broad coverage including "high end" automobiles like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini etc. All major European passenger automobiles are well covered, too. The program provides technical information and wiring diagrams for several systems. For more info click on the button below.

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Diagnostic dilemma

Are you looking for a diagnostic tool but you are not sure which one to buy ? There is no simple answer to this question. The market is flooded with scanning  tools ... MORE

TEXA IDC5 - Total diagnostics

The IDC5 is the most advanced diagnostic program that TEXA has offered so far. The software is capable of running very advanced diagnostics on cars, trucks, motorcycles, construction machinery, marine engi