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TEXA Deluxe Fleet Package - Price: 13,792.50 Candian Dollars


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Nano S - Car & Supercar

Note: New product

The Navigator Nano S offers the same performance like the Navigator TXTs. It is smaller and better priced.


3,500.00 CAD


Navigator TXTs Supercar diag.

Note: The TXTs is an advanced VCI

The strength of the TEXA software is the coverage of several supercars and European automobiles. 


6,875.00 CAD

texa axone nemo - navigator txts

Axone Nemo 2 & Navigator TXTs

Note: The flagship of truck diagnostics.

Axone Nemo 2 equipped with Premium SW and paired with the Navigator TXTs is an excellent choice for the truck service specialist.


9,723.75 CAD

texa motorcycle diagnostic tool navigator txb evolution

TEXA motorcycle diagnostics

Note: Quality & satisfaction guarantied. 

The Navigator TXBe is the best powersports diagnostic tool in the market. Affordable price and technical performance in one package.


*2,437.50 CAD


Navigator TXTs Truck diagnostics

Note: This tool comes in different set-ups.

This i a very good solution for people that want to install the diagnostic SW on their own computers. Price and performance in one.


*5,355.00 CAD


TEXA Marine diagnostics

Note: Inboard & outboard engines coverage.

TEXA marine engines diagnostic software covers gasoline and diesel engines. It offers advanced features & functions. 


*2,437.50 CAD

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