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TEXA Truck and Off-Highway diagnostics 

You can combine two, or more, TEXA diagnostic programs on the same display unit, being this a regular computer/laptop or TEXA Axone Voice tablet.

TEXA Truck and Off-Highway package is a common combination for shops and individuals that work on trucks and agricultural/construction machinery.  


TEXA Truck and OHW diagnostic tool price

How much I will pay?


Buying an Axone Voice or PC-based TEXA Truck diagnostic tool kit is a straightforward procedure. Buying the Off-Highway diagnostic tool is a bit complicated because you must buy many diagnostic cables. The construction and the agricultural machinery do not use a unified/standard diagnostic port. You may buy only the cables you need. At any time, you can order additional cables.

Also, TEXA sells an essential cable kit. Detailed info is provided HERE.

Send us the list of the cables you want to order and we will provide a price for every single item and for the whole package, including shipping, and the applicable Tax. 

A general idea about the prices of several TEXA products is given HERE.

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