Handheld digital scopemeter

The AutoScope MT-900 is a device that provides several measurement/test functions;

- One channel oscilloscope 

This function can be used to read signals sent to different actuators or generated from signal generators. Example: fuel injector voltage pattern, O2 sensor signal.

- Multimeter

This function can be used to measure the voltage, capable of storing Min and Max voltage values. 

- Ground tester

This function can be used to determine, in scale from 1 to 10, how good the ground connection in the vehicle is. Level 1 shows the perfect ground; level 10 pinpoints a very bad ground connection. 

- Frequency and duty cycle measurements

 You can use this device to measure the frequency and duty cycles. Example: the commands sent from the control unit to the fuel pump.


The use of this multi-tester is simple and requires basic knowledge. It is a "turn on and play" device that eliminates the long set-up time of classic oscilloscopes that require advanced knowledge and have demanding software.     


Note: High quality product - Made in Korea 

Price: 395.00 Canadian Dollars