TEXA Navigator TXTs paired with Plus Truck diagnostic software offers wide coverage, advanced diagnostics, continuous updates ...

TEXA Navigator TXTs Truck

 TEXA Navigator TXTs and Truck software package contains these items:

  • Navigator TXTs device. 

  • IDC5 Plus Truck diagnostic software on DVDs that you will install on your computer. The program can be installed on several computers. One year SW updates included.  

  • HASP dongle key. 

  • USB cable. 

  • User handbook. 

  • OBD II cable. 

  • American truck cable kit. 

  • Tool carrying box.

The video shows what you get when you buy this package from us.  

TEXA Navigator TXTs - Truck diagnostic software package

The TEXA Truck diagnostic software covers these make/brands:

Heavy Duty Trucks & Buses: Allegro, Blue Bird, E-One, Foden, Freightliner, International, Iveco, Kenworth, Mack, Peterbilt, Sterling, Temsa, Van Hool, Volvo Bus, Volvo Truck, Western Star, etc.

Medium Duty: Dodge, Ford, GMC, Hino, International, Isuzu, Kenworth, Fuso, Peterbilt, UD Trucks, etc.

Light Commercial Vehicles: Dodge, Ford, Freightliner, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, etc.      

Commercial Vehicles: Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, etc.     

Trailers: Bendix, Haldex, Meritor-Wabco, Thermoking etc.

Industrial Engines: Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Deutz, International, Mercedes-Benz, Paccar, Scania, Volvo Penta, etc. 

*PRICE: 5551.00 CAD

TEXA diagnostic program offers a broad coverage for systems like engine management, pollution control systems, transmissions, brakes, chassis, cluster instrument etc. Advanced coding/setting/relearning of different systems are possible too. The coverage and the capabilities of the program vary based on make/model and include functions like: 

  • Very advanced diagnostics coverage for many engines and transmissions   

  • Easy to use and very well organized program 

  • Reading & erasing DTCs 

  • Reading live data and parameters  

  • Activation of different components/systems 

  • Engine compression test 

  • Cylinder switch off  

  • Injector registration/coding 

  • Settings & calibrations 

  • DPF forced regeneration 

  • ECU configuration 

  • Speed limiter change  

  • Engine and transmission adaptations 

  • Maintenance parameters reset 

  • Wiring diagrams, technical info and many more

Also, TEXA offers Technical Support, Technical bulletins, Solved Problems etc. Contact us for detailed info.

Note: The TEXA program provides well described and well explained instructions on how to use the diagnostic software.

Please, click on the picture below to navigate through the basic learning manual.

 TEXA Navigator TXTs paired with Plus Truck diagnostic software is a good solution for:

- Shops and individual technicians that take care of their tools. A mid-range computer is recommended. Investing in an expensive computer is NOT necessary. The program installation procedure is easy and straight forward. The main advantage of this product is that you can install the program on several computers. In case something goes wrong with one computer you have a back up. 

- For training institutions and similar businesses. 

The quality and the craftsmanship of the Navigator TXTs is outstanding. We have sold hundreds of these devices and have never had any complaint about the hardware.

What computer should I use to install the TEXA SW ?


Please note that you can install the TEXA programs, more or less, on any desktop, laptop or tablet that runs Windows 10 Operating System. Detailed info is provided HERE.

- You do not have to invest e big amount of money on a computer. Neither a high end nor industrial grade computer is needed. The software installation is easy and straight forward and if any issue arises, we are here to assist you. 

- The TEXA program can be installed on several computers. In case one computer goes bad, you can use another one. Please be advised that you can use only one computer at a time.

- In order to optimize the performance and reduce the risk of possible compatibility problems, we recommend that this software be installed on a PC that is dedicated exclusively to TEXA Diagnostic tool kit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why TEXA Navigator TXTs ?

TEXA is developing and manufacturing diagnostic tools for over 20 years. Its products are used as OE diagnostic tools by several well-known manufacturers and thousands of independent businesses around the world. 


What are some of the advantages of the IDC5 Truck ?

Easy to use program, wide make & model coverage, continuous and progressive improvements.   


Does this product comes with any kind of warranty ?

Yes, one year warranty against manufacturing defects comes as standard. 


What happens if I do not renew the tool update contract; is the tool going to be locked ?

No, the tool still works but no updates will be available until the moment you will pay for the update contract. 


Who can I contact in case I need help ?

You can contact us and we will address your request or concern accordingly. 


How difficult is the program installation, since I have limited computer knowledge ?

The software installation is a straight forward and easy procedure; just follow the instruction provided on the installation DVDs. 


What computer should I use ?

You can use any desktop, laptop or tablet that meets the requirements listed HERE. 


Can I install the program on more than one computer ?

Yes, you can install the program on several computers but you have to use the same USB dongle/HASP key that comes with your tool kit. One computer can be used at a time.    


How much ?

For detailed info about the price of the hardware, software and related items, please, contact us. 


If I want to clarify something that is not clearly explained on your page, can I contact you ?

Yes, of course you can contact us, we will be pleased to assist you as much as we can.

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*Package price: 9834.50 Canadian Dollars


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OBD Monitor is the first and the oldest TEXA dealer in Canada and one of the first TEXA authorized retailers in North America.

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